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What if This Happened to You?



When tragedy occurs, homeowners find themselves wondering how and where they will begin to rebuild their homes...and their lives.

Our job is to ensure that your number one priority can be putting your loss behind you and getting your life back to normal.

The last thing you need to worry about after disaster strikes is the myriad of details and documents that must be presented to your insurance company.

You have enough on your mind at this time of distress, with your immediate priorities being to take care of your family, secure your home and find temporary shelter, while you fight for the fairest reimbursement for your loss to rebuild your house, and move forward with your life.


A Public Insurance Adjuster does all this for you and more. Such highly-trained professionals have for more than a century represented countless individuals and businesses in their claims, helping them recapture their lives, and recoup their bottom line.

Consider Community Claims Associates as your own personal advocate who is readily available and prepared to handle every practical, emotional and financial aspect surrounding your all-important claim.

Insurance companies hire representatives who work directly for them; why shouldn't you?

Community Claims Associates is your exclusive partner, every step of the way. We'll be there through the claims and rebuilding processes, and will expertly uphold your best interests so you get the maximum payout from your insurance company.