Property Insurance News

05/24/2017 10:00 AM
Possible Tornado Blasts Through Southeast Texas¸ Causing Major Damage
Residents in Austin County are still dealing with the aftermath of severe storms that caused major damage to homes and and businesses on Tuesday afternoon. I-10 at Rexville Road was still shut down until early this morning after the storm downed power lines and overturned an 18-wheeler on the highway¸ just west of Highway 36. Traffic was backed up for miles behind the closure on both eastbound and westbound lanes as police refused to allow drivers to go backwards to exit the highway. "The car started shaking from the wind¸" said Yolanda Rico¸ who was stranded on I-10 for eight hours.

05/23/2017 01:00 PM
Claims Professionals¸ Be Mindful Of Your Words
“What are words for when no one listens? ...What little filters through is giving you the wrong impression. It’s a sorry state I say to myself.” If you grew up on MTV in the early 1980s like I did¸ you recognize these lyrics to “Words” by Missing Persons. They teach a valuable lesson to those of us working in insurance claims—to make certain the words we choose properly¸ effectively¸ and accurately communicate the points that we are trying to make. You can express yourself any number of ways¸ but how you choose to say it determines the ultimate impact and whether you get your point across.

05/23/2017 08:30 AM
Fire Closes Regal Beagle Bar In Indian Orchard¸ Massachusetts
A morning break-in and fire has temporarily closed the Regal Beagle bar at 567 Main St. in Indian Orchard¸ as investigators from the Springfield Bomb and Arson Squad and State Police troopers attached to the State Fire Marshal's Office comb through the debris. Springfield Police Capt. Cheryl Clapprood said officers at the scene reported the bar had been broken into through the rear door and the ATM had been burned to get at the cash box inside. She said the same torch used to extract cash from the ATM was probably used to set the building ablaze. Police found burglary tools along with the torch.

05/22/2017 10:00 AM
Firefighter Dies In San Antonio Shopping Center Blaze
A firefighter died and two others were seriously injured battling a massive four-alarm shopping center fire in San Antonio¸ officials said Friday. San Antonio firefighter Scott Deem and the other two firefighters were conducting a search inside the mall during Thursday night’s fire when they were reported missing. Deem¸ a six-year member of the department¸ was found dead among the debris. The other two were rescued. One was released from the hospital; the other was reported in critical but stable condition.

05/22/2017 09:30 AM
National Weather Service Surveying Southern Indiana Storm Damage
The National Weather Service determined an EF-1 tornado touched down in Jefferson County¸ Indiana. Strong winds Saturday knocked down trees and ripped the roofs off several local businesses on Clifty Drive. By Sunday¸ Todd Wiseman and his team of workers were clearing away the debris left behind. "Everything is soaked¸" Wiseman said. "The furniture is soaked inside this furniture store." A furniture store and a neighboring bowling alley sustained the most damage. The sign of a nearby church was also blown off.

05/19/2017 11:15 AM
Driver Takes A Lap Inside RV Store: You Mad Bro?
State Trailer in Peoria has everything you would want or need for an RV¸ and thanks to an out of control criminal they now have an unwanted drive-thru. Security cameras caught a mid-2000’s grey or silver Chevy Cobalt circling a shopping center parking lot near 83rd Avenue and Peoria just after 5 a.m. Monday. Moments after the car was first spotted¸ the driver lines the car up and heads straight for the front door. "I’m surprised it went through¸ because those doors are probably a couple of hundred pounds each¸" said General Manager Darrell Worley.

05/18/2017 09:15 AM
Lightning Strike Blamed For House Fire In Woodbury¸ Minnesota
A home in Woodbury is being called unlivable after being gutted by a fire triggered by a suspected lightning strike. Fire Commander John Wallgren says engines were dispatched just before 4:30 a.m. on reports of a fire. When firefighters arrived flames were leaping from the roof of the home on the 9400 block of Wentlock Road. Residents said a lightning strike that shook the entire neighborhood was to blame. Crews entered the house and tried to fight the fire from inside¸ but flames soon leapt across the entire roof line¸ forcing firefighters to attack from above with two ladder trucks.

05/17/2017 08:45 AM
Severe Weather¸ Tornadoes Rake Midwestern States
At least two people were killed and dozens of others injured Tuesday after suspected tornadoes tore through a mobile home park in Wisconsin and a subdivision in Oklahoma. There were 26 reports of tornadoes Tuesday¸ according to the National Weather Service¸ as a massive severe storm system tore through an area from the South Plains of Texas to the Great Lakes. None of the tornado reports have yet been confirmed by the National Weather Service. Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald confirmed one fatality and at least 25 injuries after a possible tornado left behind severe damage between Chetek and Cameron¸ Wisconsin¸ Tuesday¸ including the Prairie Lakes Estates trailer park¸ where walls reportedly collapsed on top of people.

05/15/2017 11:15 AM
Hurricane Hunter Planes Deliver A Message: Get Ready
A pair of hurricane hunter planes landed at the U.S. Coast Guard’s Opa-locka air station Friday with a message for South Florida: Get ready. With the start of the hurricane season less than two weeks away on June 1¸ the planes helped showcase the advancing technology that has helped improve hurricane forecasting. They also carried Rick Knabb¸ the outgoing director of the National Hurricane Center¸ on a farewell lap around the state. The planes¸ an Air Force C-130 and a P3 originally designed by the Navy to hunt submarines¸ kind of hogged the show.

05/12/2017 11:30 AM
Clandestine Indoor Marijuana Grow Operations: An Emerging Risk For Property Insurers¸ Owners
The number of clandestine indoor marijuana grow operations (CIMGOs) in the United States and Canada has exploded in recent years. With the ongoing legalization of medical and recreational marijuana use in many U.S. states¸ as well as in Canada¸ which legalized medical marijuana use nationwide in 2001 and reportedly may legalize marijuana altogether in 2018¸ the trend is expected to continue. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency’s recent report Residential Marijuana Grows in Colorado: The New Meth Houses? described how the legalization of marijuana in Colorado has led to the proliferation of indoor marijuana grow operations in “hundreds of homes throughout the state.”

05/12/2017 10:30 AM
Insurance Offices Busy With Hail Damage Claims In Roswell¸ New Mexico
Insurance companies across Roswell were scrambling Wednesday after being flooded with hundreds of calls following Tuesday night’s hailstorm. Lisa Lassa¸ a licensed agent with an Allstate Insurance branch in Roswell¸ said Wednesday they had over 100 calls — and that was before 1 p.m. “Our heads are spinning in this agency right now¸” she said. Lassa said they had customers sustain body damages to their vehicles and some windshields were even shattered. She added some campers were also damaged by the hail. Farm Bureau Financial Services also received numerous calls Wednesday that concerned damages from the storm.

05/11/2017 02:00 PM
Florida Regulators Give Insurers Higher Rate Hikes Than Requested
For South Florida homeowners¸ 2017 already figured to be a year of steep property insurance rate increases. For customers of two insurance companies¸ state regulators have made those increases even steeper than the companies sought. Why? State regulators say high costs stemming from excessive claims in the tricounty region requires the companies to charge customers more money than they would prefer. The state “has an obligation to approve rates that are [financially] sound — which may be more or less than what a company requests¸” said Sha’Ron James¸ the state’s Insurance Consumer Advocate¸ who did not participate in the rate decisions.

05/11/2017 12:45 PM
Blaze Damages A Third Of Apartment Complex Under Construction
A fire broke out Wednesday at a multi-story apartment building under construction in Pomona and no injuries were reported. The blaze was reported at 5:48 p.m. in the area of East Holt and North East End avenues¸ according to a Los Angeles County Fire Department dispatcher. A second alarm was called at 6 p.m.¸ the dispatcher said. About 80 firefighters responded to the scene and firefighters on ladders could be seen pouring water on the building from outside the structure¸ which the dispatcher described as "new construction."

05/11/2017 10:45 AM
South LA Auto Body Shop Fire Being Investigated As Arson
A fire that burned three cars at an auto body shop in South Los Angeles early Tuesday is being investigated as arson because of an apparent threat painted on the business¸ authorities said. Los Angeles firefighters responded to the fire at around 2:30 a.m. in the 3500 block of South Crenshaw Boulevard¸ near a building that houses a number of auto-related businesses¸ including Richard’s Auto Repair. The fire destroyed three cars and damaged two others¸ said Capt. Erik Scott of the Los Angeles Police Department. Some 20 others parked in the same area were spared. "I will kill your family" was painted on the bay door of one business.

05/10/2017 11:30 AM
Extensive Damage In Denver Metro Area Following Major Hailstorm
The damage from Monday’s hailstorm was severe and widespread in the Denver metro area¸ breaking out windows at a university¸ flooding sections of a hospital and shattering windshields and pummeling roofs on scores of cars. But was the storm destructive enough to make it on to the top 10 list of Colorado’s most damaging hailstorms? “We’re still in a ‘wait and see’ mode¸” said Carole Walker¸ executive director of the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association¸ which tallies the financial cost of storms and natural disasters in Colorado. “But any time we start using sports terms — gold ball¸ tennis ball or baseball sized — we’re concerned that it’s a catastrophic event.”